From Potential

Client: Uniquity

The Challenge: Building a brand from scratch is always a challenge. We started with a working name of Uniqly Marketing whilst we were testing the concept of a dedicated Financial Services agency. After talking to our clients and defining our core purpose to help businesses realise their true potential we decided on Uniquity meaning ‘the quality of uniquesness’.


It was important that the brand used the same approach it applies to its clients using the best designers, copywriters and developers to achieve an impact.

After developing a prototype that could be tested with end users we simplified the content as much as possible to let our client work shine through.

To Performance

It was important that the brand was distinctive and striking and felt different from a standard marketing agency. To reflect the high-end but hard-working nature of the brand, a striking copper foil was implemented across printed marketing material. Paired with a deep colour palette and highlighted with neutral accents, this communicated quality, whilst inspiring imagery represents transformation.

We also developed a 90 day planning workbook in the Uniquity brand which we use with clients to help turn strategy into action. This goal focused approach runs through the DNA of the brand.


“At Uniquity we believe the best way to predict the future is to create it”

Laura Janes - Founder