Brand vision: how businesses can go from bland to brilliant

At Uniquity, we’re pretty evangelical about having a clear vision in business. Of course, being successful starts with providing a service or product that people need or want. But without a crystal clear view of where you’re heading and where you want to go, it’s incredibly hard to scale up and thrive over the longer term.

Our number one, tried-and-tested way of getting that all-important clarity – and our starting point when we work with new clients – is creating a brand vision. That’s how great marketing begins.

What is a brand vision?

In your head, you probably already know what your business stands for and what you want to achieve, right? But if you had to write it down now in a couple of sentences against the clock, what would happen? It usually plays out in one of two ways – reams of scrawled ideas or a blank page while you scratch your head to try and get it right. Either way, that’s not something you want to share with the world.

A brand vision is, in essence, a statement and a goal, laid out in a simple, clear and compelling way. It distils what you stand for, how you’re different to your competitors and what you have to offer your customers. It’s also something for you to set your sights on, painting a picture of where your business will be in five, ten or even twenty years’ time, using the foundation of what you’ve already achieved.

What you end up with is a clear articulation of your business and your grand plan for world domination (or maybe something slightly less ambitious) in one well-crafted package. Ta dah!

Why you need one

Having a simple way to define exactly what your business is about is crucial if you want to communicate clearly and cut through the noise of a crowded market. It’s not just about getting through to your customers and prospective customers. A brand vision is there to tell your staff, your partners and anyone else out there who you are, why you do what you do… and why they should care.

Take your team. You can’t expect your people to execute or communicate your vision and values if they haven’t got a clear idea of what they are. By having clarity on who you are and a destination that your whole team can work towards, it means everyone knows what part they can play to help you get there.

And a brand vision also works really well as a referral pack for existing customers to pass on to friends and contacts. It’s your offer, distilled. And you don’t even have to be there to make it happen.

But perhaps the most important benefit is a more emotional one. Your brand vision sets out the heart and soul of your business, it’s your values laid bare for all to see in language that’s easy to understand and resonates with who you want to reach. It’s how you can get the right people to fall in love with your brand – and that includes you and your team.

How to do it

At Uniquity, our brand vision process is designed to identify what’s unique and brilliant about your business. We go through a series of exercises to capture that brilliance and translate it into a powerful and awe-inspiring story. One that’s irresistible to your team and target audience.

And once the brand vision is there, we’re ready to get that brand noticed by the people who need to see it. That’s how you scale up and build an unstoppable brand.

We work with a lot of financial services clients looking to take the brakes off their business and get the growth they deserve. But a brand vision is something that any company in any field can use to take their business to the next level.

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