8th February 2019

Industry Awards for Financial Advisers & Planners

There’s a lot of competition & it’s hard to differentiate yourself as the best from the rest. A good way to distinguish yourself as an industry leader is by applying to and winning credible awards. Such awards acknowledge companies and leaders who have achieved a certain degree of success against a specific set of standards, […]


9th January 2019

Not all those who wander are lost – how travel can give you a shot of inspiration

It’s a funny thing, travel – it can bring out the best and the worst in people. Mark Twain saw travel as “fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness” – all best avoided in business – but while it can broaden the mind, sometimes travel just broadens the mouth. For many, in the age of Instagram, […]


1st January 2019

Tone of voice – are you in tune or a little flat?

If you’ve ever watched ‘The Voice’ you’ll know that the contestants have to work pretty hard to get all three judges to turn their chairs around. Each needs to use his or her voice to attract attention before their moment is over. It’s about offering something unique – something that piques the interest. It invites […]


9th November 2018

10 Takeaways from Humans Under Management

We thrive on continuous development and staying informed of what’s hot and what’s not to financial planners and their clients. Last week, we attended Humans Under Management London 2018, masterminded by HUM founder and host, Andy Hart. The line up was impressive with plenty of thought provoking content from the speakers. But we all know […]


2nd October 2018

What do the colours in your brand say about your business?

A couple of years ago public opinion in the UK was split down the middle on a highly contentious issue. It confused and polarised people as they tried to understand what on earth those in the other camp were thinking. No, it’s not Brexit. Go back a year. I’m talking about ‘The dress’. If you […]


18th September 2018

How to find your morning routine (when you hate mornings and dislike routine)

After being featured in last month’s Psychologies magazine talking about the power of a morning routine a few people have asked me to share more about them. Morning routines are big business – a quick Google search will return apps, books, blogs and guides, along with tips from famous CEOs and a growing number of […]


17th September 2018

Join our team – Marketing Account Executive

Looking to develop your skills & boost your marketing career? We have the role for you! Who are we and what are we looking for? We are Uniquity. We deliver transformational marketing to help financial services firms realise their business potential. We pride ourselves on being agile, dynamic and a successfully growing marketing consultancy based […]


19th July 2018

Getting the most out of an internship

After completing an internship at Uniquity, George Stone shares his thoughts on how to make the most of an intern experience. Sifting through the web, there is endless amounts of information and guidance on how interns can make the most out of their internship. What’s surprising to me though, is that there is no guidance […]


9th March 2018

Are you a digital designer that wants to help build a business?

Who are we and what are we looking for? Uniquity prides itself on being agile, dynamic and a successfully growing marketing agency based in Bristol. We are a young, growing business. We need some amazing creative talent who also loves technology. We want you to share in our success as we go from strength to […]