Laura Janes

Laura Janes

Founder / Director

Following a career immersed in financial services marketing at Lloyds, AXA Wealth and the Bath Executive MBA scheme – Laura has built specialist expertise and a formidable reputation for her consultative work in the financial sector.

Chloe George

Chloe George


Chloe became part of the team in early 2018, seeking an opportunity to build deeper, longer-term relationships with financial services firms and, in turn, to help ambitious businesses fulfill their true brand potential.


Our Approach

Our tried and tested approach starts with our marketing breakthough programme. We help you answer these key questions to drive your growth.

1. What is your vision?

Clarity of objectives around your customer, brand and direction is essential. We start with your end goal in mind and shape everything around that.

2. Where are you today?

Our in-depth marketing audit uncovers your current strengths and weakness, identifying key focus areas for growth and improvements to be addressed.

3. Now, where next?

A robust plan and strategy that reflects your objectives and delivers to the needs of your target clients. We deliver the right messages to the right customers at the right time.

4. How will we hit your goals?

Process and planning are essential to making your strategy a success. As part of our outsourced offering, we’ll manage all aspects of your marketing delivery via easy-to-use online systems – keeping you informed at all stages.

5. How will we know we’ve arrived?

Our marketing plans set clear milestones to mark your progress and direction. After all, knowing when you’ve achieved your goals is essential to generating a return on your investment – the key factor in marketing activity.