13th November 2017

Industry Awards for Financial Advisers & Planners

There’s a lot of competition & it’s hard to differentiate yourself as the best from the rest. A good way to distinguish yourself as an industry leader is by applying to and winning credible awards. Such awards acknowledge companies and leaders who have achieved a certain degree of success against a specific set of standards, or separated themselves from competitors in front of a panel of experienced judges.

Since applications can be time-consuming, it’s important to ensure you’re focusing on the awards that will grow your business. Before deciding on which awards to apply for, consider asking yourself the following three questions:

  • What value will my clients and potential clients perceive from this award?
  • Does it fit with the position of my brand? (e.g. if your brand is positioned as a retirement planning expert then awards in the pension space will work.)
  • Does it fit with my business objectives? (What are you trying to achieve as a company and how will this award help?)
  • Am I prepared to pay to attend the event or buy the logo if I do win? (Yes, some of these awards have a cost associated with them that is often not stated up front.)

Awards Financial Advisers & Planners can enter:

We’ve done the hard work by pulling together a list of awards that you can enter below that we’ll be updating on a regular basis:

Please do make suggestions if you think we have missed any to hello@uniquity.co

Award NameSubmission DeadlineDate of the AwardNext Year AwardsURL
UK Pensions AwardsRegistration: 1st December 2017
Submission: 22nd January 2018
23rd May 2018http://www.ukpensionsawards.com/
Citywealth Brand Management and Reputation AwardsOpen21st June 2018https://www.citywealthmag.com/awards/brand-management-and-reputation-awards
Investment Life & Pensions Moneyfacts AwardsOpens: 5th March 2018
Closes: 18th May 2018
19th September 2018http://www.moneyfactsgroup.co.uk/Awards/Ilp/2018
City of London Wealth Management Awardstbc28th March 2018http://www.goodacreuk.com/index.php/forthcoming-events/the-city-of-london-wealth-management-awards-2
Gold Standard AwardsClosed15th November 2017http://www.goldstandardawards.com/
The FT & Investors Chronicle Investment and Wealth Management AwardsClosed23rd November 2017http://www.icawards.co.uk/
The Financial Services Forum Marketing Effectiveness AwardsClosed30th November 2017March 2018https://www.thefsforum.co.uk/services/marketing-effectiveness-awards/
The Professional Adviser AwardsClosed8th February 2018http://events.professionaladviser.co.uk/awards
Family Wealth Report AwardsClosed8th March 2018http://clearviewpublishing.com/events/family-wealth-report-awards-2018/
Citywealth Magic Circle AwardsClosed16th May 2018https://www.citywealthmag.com/events/magic-circle-awards-2018
Money Management Financial Planner AwardsClosedAnnounced tbchttp://www.mmawards.co.uk/
ACQ Global AwardsClosedAnnounced tbchttp://awards.acq5.com/1/
The Growth Investor Awards 2017ClosedAnnounced tbchttp://growthinvestorawards.com/
AI Business Excellence AwardsClosedAnnounced tbchttp://www.acquisition-intl.com/2017-business-excellence-awards
AI Onshore Excellence AwardsClosedAnnounced tbchttp://www.acquisition-intl.com/2017-onshore-excellence-awards
Wealth & Money Management AwardClosedAnnounced tbchttp://www.wealthandfinance-intl.com/2017-wealth---money-management-awards
Corporate LiveWire M&A AwardsClosedAnnounced tbchttp://www.corporatelivewire.com/awards.html?award=104
Finance Monthly M&A AwardsClosedAnnouncedtbchttp://mandaawards.finance-monthly.com/
International Adviser - Best Practice Adviser Awards ClosedAnnouncedtbchttp://www.iabestpracticeadviserawards.com/
Retirement Planner Awards ClosedAnnouncedtbchttp://events.professionaladviser.com/rpawards
Money Marketing AwardsClosedAnnouncedtbchttp://www.moneymarketingawards.co.uk/
The Investment Marketing and Innovation AwardsClosedAnnouncedtbchttp://www.investmentmarketingawards.co.uk/
UK Financial Services Experience AwardsClosedAnnouncedtbchttp://f-x-a.co.uk/
PAM (Private Asset Managers) AwardsClosedAnnouncedtbchttps://www.pamonline.com/awards-main
Unbiased Media AwardsClosedAnnouncedtbchttps://business.unbiased.co.uk/media-awards
Financial Adviser Service AwardsClosedAnnouncedtbchttp://finpub.ft.com/financialadviser/fasa/index.html
AI Global Excellence AwardsClosedAnnouncedtbchttp://www.acquisition-intl.com/2016-global-excellence-awards
AI Finance AwardsClosedAnnouncedtbchttp://www.acquisition-intl.com/2016-finance-awards
M&A Today Global AwardsClosedAnnouncedtbchttp://www.kmhmediagroup.com/awards