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10 of the best financial websites: bringing personal finance to life

As a marketing agency that specialises in financial services, it’s safe to say that we’ve seen our fair share of websites within the field. Some are instantly striking, some are informational but a little stiff and some are sadly forgettable. The financial industry is filled with technical jargon and can often feel alien to someone […]

In plain sight: why clarity in business means everything

There aren’t many situations in life where you don’t want things to be crystal clear. Your bathroom window is one, a surprise party is another, maybe even your memory after a night of karaoke. But one area in which there are really no downsides to being absolutely clear is the purpose and direction of your […]

Why should you care about your brand voice? 5 key benefits

A couple is enjoying a romantic candlelight dinner, one gets up, takes the other’s hand, gets down on one knee, looks deeply into their eyes and says: “Would you enter into a legal union that bestows certain rights and obligations and provides me with access to your existing and future property until one of us […]

Is your brand’s first impression up to scratch?

What can you achieve in 1.7 seconds? Not much, but according to Facebook, that’s the time your business has to grab someone’s attention as they scroll on their phone. In this digital information age, it’s make or break in under 2 seconds. With those kinds of stakes, it’s more important than ever to bring your […]

Six brands we are excited to see grow in 2021

We’ve been taking a good hard look at the branding landscape and gearing up for a year of growth. But of course, it’s not just us doing the growing.

Your Christmas entertainment all wrapped up

Brilliant book and podcast recommendations from some of our most-loved brands. This may not be the festive season we were all imagining, but it’s still a great opportunity to give ourselves a much-needed break. So pour a Baileys (other drinks are available), get comfy on the sofa and dip into one of the favourite books […]

“How we created the friendly face of financial services” In conversation with Carl Widger, Managing Director of Metis Ireland

What special ingredient does it take for a brand to become loved? To find out, Laura has been speaking to some of our most admired brands. And this time it’s the turn of Carl Widger, Managing Director of Metis Ireland, a man on a mission to create Ireland’s leading financial planning brand. Tell me about […]

“Why financial services brands need to work harder” In conversation with Tony Vail, Co-founder of Wealth Wizards

Laura has been speaking to some of the brands we admire the most. And it’s all to help us discover what makes a brand loved. This time she’s picking the brains of Tony Vail, Co-founder of Wealth Wizards, a business that brings together technology and financial advice, neatly packaged in a digital platform for expert […]

“How talkability helped us take off” In conversation with Scott Mowbray, Co-founder of Snoop

What makes a brand loved? As part of our mission to find the answer to that, Laura spoke to Scott Mowbray, Co-founder of Snoop. His fledgeling business turns the tables on big businesses by using transaction data to save people time and money. Tell me about your brand and why people love it. “We launched […]