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Client: UNIQ Family Wealth

Firmly established in South Wales, UNIQ Family Wealth approached Uniquity to support their ambitious growth plan.


Brief: Take UNIQ to the next level and deliver an end to end marketing  plan to drive growth and show that every family deserves the best Financial Plan.

About: UNIQ Family Wealth is an experienced team of independent Financial Planners  supporting families and individuals to make the most of their wealth via intelligent investment, retirement, mortgage and tax thinking. They’re defined by their personalised, hands-on service and driven by their commitment to care – treating each of their clients’ finances as if they were their own.

Work: Marketing strategy, brand identity, web design, copywriting, content, video

To Performance

Key measure: Leads up 300%, Website Net Promoter Score up 6 points from 3 to 9.

Professional Adviser – Client Engagement Award, Unbiased Social Media Award (shortlisted)


Approach: Opening the project with our marketing breakthrough programme involving a series of structured workshops and, we first helped the UNIQ team define their brand purpose – a ‘Life Well Lived’ – which acted as the foundation for a striking new brand identity.

Uniquity then supported UNIQ in taking the brand to market via a comprehensive marketing strategy, built on extensive customer research and data. With a goal to capture the retirement planning space, we complemented our activities with content marketing activity built around three core pillars – Health, Wealth and Happiness. Our structured, data-driven approach generated exceptional results well beyond UNIQ’s previous performance – increasing leads three-fold, boosting their web promoter score from three to nine, and removing the burden of management for UNIQ Director Marlene Outrim. Uniquity now provides ongoing support to UNIQ Family Wealth on a retained basis.

“Uniquity injected life into our brand and marketing activities – reducing the stress in our team while delivering standout results that we couldn’t have achieved alone. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them and they are now truly part of our team.”

Marlene Outrim, Director UNIQ Family Wealth


Increase in leads year on year