UNIQ Invest

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Created by financial planning firm UNIQ Family Wealth – another Uniquity client – UNIQ Invest is a direct-to-consumer investment management and advisory platform. Designed to make expert financial services affordable and accessible to customers who might not have used them before, the business is targeted towards professionals and young families.


When UNIQ Family Wealth engaged us on the UNIQ Invest project, the service was little more than a product idea and a business plan. The team needed our help to express the business’ service proposition via a new brand identity and to launch the platform with a bespoke website.

To Performance

Having first supported UNIQ Family Wealth to define their new service proposition – including research into potential future business partnerships – we set about building the UNIQ Invest brand.

Mapping out the brand strategy, which was to exist as a sub-brand of the UNIQ Family Wealth parent brand, we then defined the UNIQ Invest brand vision, purpose and messaging via a workshop. From here, we developed the brand strapline and visual identity.

This identity formed the core of the brand’s new website – designed to quickly and effectively express UNIQ Invest’s service offering following the launch of the brand in 2018.

“Working with Uniquity enabled us to get to the heart of what UNIQ Invest is about, and to create a brand identity that fully captures the distinctive nature of the service we offer.”

Marlene Outrim, MD

Marketing strategy  ・ Brand identity ・  Web design ・ Web copy