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Citywide Financial Partners offers intelligent, independent wealth management and advisory services for clients across the UK. The company prides itself on innovation, insight and building lasting relationships with its clients. Advisors ask the right questions, provide one-on-one support and help people to make the most of their wealth and achieve their life goals, freeing them from the stress of money management.


To create compelling and flexible content that can be repurposed and targeted to engage business owners and create new leads.

To Performance

An established player in wealth management and financial advice, Citywide wanted to establish its brand as a proactive and insightful source of expertise in financial planning for business owners.

Running a business is rewarding, but it’s hard work too. In Citywide’s own experience there’s a tendency for business owners to sideline their personal financial arrangements as they concentrate on building their business.

Citywide approaches financial planning from the starting point of getting to know its clients – where they are now and where they want to be in future. They wanted to put together a report that highlights the continuing need to keep both personal and business finances on a sound footing, with useful tips on how to approach it.

For clients it would act as a yardstick for their own financial arrangements, while for Citywide it would demonstrate a company that puts its clients’ best interests at heart, has the good sense to alert them to issues they’ll need to consider and encourages them to get in touch.


The report was designed to work across a range of formats. For those who don’t have the time to engage with the whole report, Citywide wanted to explore ways of getting the key messages across, raising the prospect of contact while giving clients key takeaways.

The content was based around a landing page – with a quick and easy sign-up process to generate leads and an email link to download the full report.

The report was also designed to work in discrete sections, so once the content was written it translated easily into a ten-step blog. Each blog ends with the opportunity to download the report in full and to subscribe to the series by email.

We also included a call to action that encourages readers experiencing the issues highlighted in each part of the series to get in touch.

Uniquity then used links in Citywide’s regular newsletter to direct readers to the report and it also formed the basis of a presentation to business owners.

Social use

The report content was used across a series of 20 social posts. We used a paid LinkedIn advertising campaign to direct the content to business owners and generate further leads.

Using the content in a range or formats made sure the messages played out to existing and potential clients for maximum value, with the added benefit of ensuring consistency of messaging.

“The team at Uniquity have been running our marketing for some time and the results are always impressive. We're very pleased with our new brand and the website really reflects our strengths as a business.”

Julian Gilbert