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Cordiner Wealth is a financial planning and management firm based in Leeds. Previously known as The Financial Advice Company, they have been providing financial advice, guidance and coaching since the 1990s.

Their values permeate throughout their work – they are a family brand with a lot of heart, taking on the additional role of guides and coaches alongside the core role of financial planners.

This is what sets their company apart.


In 2012, cofounder Frank Rosenhead handed over the reigns of The Financial Advice Company to his daughter and his son-in-law, Shelley and Ben Cordiner. The renamed and rebranded Cordiner Wealth is the next exciting chapter of the business, as Ben and Shelley truly carve out their own mark in the Financial Planning world. They wanted a brand new identity to take them forward, reflective of their evolved approach and newly-tightened focus on the right types of clients.

To Performance

Cordiner Wealth have a long and proud legacy of personal, coaching-style financial advice, with a client base inherited from the previous generation. It’s important to them to pass on wisdom to business owners and professionals, to help them live the life they want. They value courage, credibility, independence, relationships, perseverance, longevity and fulfilment.

We established that Cordiner Wealth define themselves as authentic, dependable, and forward-thinking. This is reflected in their brand new strapline: ‘Financial Planning with Integrity: Our expertise, your future’. The strapline speaks to their legacy and wealth of knowledge, whilst focusing onwards and upwards.

When it came to their visual identity, Cordiner Wealth wanted a complete overhaul. We worked closely and deeply with them to create a brand they could be truly proud of.

The resulting logomark is clean, crisp, smart, and uncomplicated; it’s sophisticated without being intimidating. The rounded sans-serif font is universal and sleek. Their previous palette of purple has been replaced with a bold, stylish shade of deep forest green, paired with a gold accent which speaks to the allusion of wealth. The richness of their new colour palette better reflects their new identity as Cordiner Wealth, and their new focus on clients who are business owners, decision makers, professionals and executives.

This new brand will perfectly position Cordiner Wealth as they make the public transition into their fresh identity.

“We couldn’t be happier with our rebrand experience with Uniquity. They’ve really taken the time to understand us, our motivations and our vision for Cordiner Wealth. We truly feel that we are working in partnership to achieve a common goal. We’ve enjoyed the process throughout and the result is a fresh, exciting new brand that we can be really proud of.”

Ben & Shelley Cordiner