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Metis Ireland is dedicated to providing honest, experienced financial planning. It centres on strong client relationships through long-term professional guidance and builds tailored roadmaps to help each client to achieve their life and financial goals. Metis likes to listen, but the company also wants to proactively engage with clients and prospects, demonstrating expertise and insight right across the financial landscape, reinforcing trust and driving further engagement.


To create an engaging and thought provoking report to position the Metis brand as an expert in the wider field of finance, to keep existing clients informed and engaged and to create new leads.

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Based in the Republic of Ireland and operating since 2014, Metis approaches long-term financial planning through building close relationships with clients. The company wanted to further position itself as a thought leader – not just responding to client needs and concerns, but proactively informing them too, in a way that’s interesting and engaging.

Understanding what clients want to get out of life means listening to what they have to say – but establishing the brand as a go-to source of insight and expertise means proactively engaging with them in innovative ways.

Metis Ireland takes a particular interest in helping clients to understand the reasoning behind their recommendations. They commissioned a report that looks into key behavioural biases – the 17 clear traits that investors often demonstrate without realising it.

The report examines each bias, explaining how it can be useful in some contexts, but unhelpful in finance and investment, and how not being aware of it can lead to poor decision making, disappointments and damaging outcomes.


The report is structured as a white paper, which clients can download from a landing page. There’s a quick form to complete to help generate leads and then the report is delivered in an email.

But it was designed to translate easily to a blog series too. The behavioural biases content was simultaneously used as an 18-part blog, looking at each behavioural bias in turn, before wrapping up with a recap in the final part, including an infographic that acts as an at-a-glance guide to the behavioural biases.

The Metis message is that while you can’t avoid ingrained bias, you can be made aware of it. Forewarned is forearmed, so clients receive a valuable and interesting look into their own decision making processes, while Metis Ireland establishes itself as a reliable source of insight and expertise.

The 18-part blog was also repurposed as a series of emails, each with a call to action to download the report in full or to subscribe to the series by email. The content was further reinforced in a presentation to potential clients and features in the regular newsletter, once again driving readers to download or subscribe.

Social use

With the content divided into discrete sections, Uniquity also built a campaign of 20 social media posts. Readers can learn something new in a quick, bite-sized format and if they like it, they can subscribe to the series.

Creating the white paper in a modular fashion that’s flexible enough to work across a range of formats means raising the chances of engagement. It also reinforces a consistency of messaging across the board from Metis Ireland.

“The team at Uniquity have been running our marketing for some time and the results are always impressive. We're very pleased with our new brand and the website really reflects our strengths as a business.”

Julian Gilbert