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Based in Luton, with offices in Hertfordshire and London, Wealth Matters has been helping their clients achieve financial freedom since 1999. One of only 76 Accredited Financial Planning firms in the UK, their team of independent advisers are dedicated to helping clients reduce their taxes, invest smarter and retire on their terms. Believing everyone deserves financial peace of mind, they understand it’s not just about quality advice; it’s about quality of life.


Since starting over 20 years ago, they’ve grown into one of the UK’s leading financial planning firms, but their branding and website hadn’t evolved to reflect the business they had become.

Nothing is more important to Wealth Matters than their relationships with clients. Most of them are already successful business people, but many have no idea what shape their finances are in, or what they’ll be able to do when they retire. That’s why it was essential that their new brand and website reflected the quality, clarity and simplicity that their clients had come to expect from them. It needed to convey the considered financial planning process that forms the basis of the Wealth Matters service.

They’ve always helped their clients look forward to the future with confidence. Now they wanted their brand to help them do the same. To achieve this, they were looking for a trusted partner and someone who understood their business who could operate as part of their team.

To Performance

We had been working with Wealth Matters for some time and had already helped them distil the three core words that underline their business – excellence, optimism and passion. Now it was time to work together to encapsulate those words into their brand identity.

As always, we started by clearly defining their unique brand strategy. We created a vision for the company that articulates the direction their brand needs to go over the next three years, then created visuals to match, all captured in detailed brand guidelines. That visual thread now runs through all of their client-facing collateral.

Using the Storybrand framework, we crafted their written content to focus on the client as the hero of their own story, with Wealth Matters as their guide. This approach conveys their messaging in a concise, engaging way that resonates with their target audience and always puts the client first. We can see the results – the bounce rate on their website has since reduced from 55% to 7%.

This was a wholesale transformation, so before bringing everything to life, we created a considered project plan for the brand launch. An important part of this was developing communications to clients to make sure they were the first to experience the new look and feel.

What Wealth Matters has now is a brand identity that reflects their growth and calibre, marking the next stage in their journey. It shows that they’ve invested in their business to ensure it remains as relevant to future generations as it has been to the clients they’ve worked with for the last two decades.

“The team at Uniquity have been running our marketing for some time and the results are always impressive. We're very pleased with our new brand and the website really reflects our strengths as a business.”

Julian Gilbert