9th November 2018

10 Takeaways from Humans Under Management

We thrive on continuous development and staying informed of what’s hot and what’s not to financial planners and their clients. Last week, we attended Humans Under Management London 2018, masterminded by HUM founder and host, Andy Hart. The line up was impressive with plenty of thought provoking content from the speakers. But we all know […]


2nd October 2018

What do the colours in your brand say about your business?

A couple of years ago public opinion in the UK was split down the middle on a highly contentious issue. It confused and polarised people as they tried to understand what on earth those in the other camp were thinking. No, it’s not Brexit. Go back a year. I’m talking about ‘The dress’. If you […]


18th September 2018

How to find your morning routine (when you hate mornings and dislike routine)

After being featured in last month’s Psychologies magazine talking about the power of a morning routine a few people have asked me to share more about them. Morning routines are big business – a quick Google search will return apps, books, blogs and guides, along with tips from famous CEOs and a growing number of […]


19th July 2018

Getting the most out of an internship

After completing an internship at Uniquity, George Stone shares his thoughts on how to make the most of an intern experience. Sifting through the web, there is endless amounts of information and guidance on how interns can make the most out of their internship. What’s surprising to me though, is that there is no guidance […]


18th August 2017

How can I make my website more visible on search engines?

Hi, I’m Laura Janes welcome to UniquiTV, where every week we answer your Marketing questions. Today I want to talk about a subject that we get asked about all the time, which is ‘How can you make your business more visible on search engines?’   Transcript below: Of course, there are hundreds of different things […]


3rd August 2017

The Best Books About Business Growth

This week on UniquiTV I share my favourite books to learn about how to grow your business. This one is for Shaun Joubert from NFU Mutual who asked me about this subject: Links for the books mentioned, on Amazon: Mastering the Rockefeller Habits 2.0, Scaling Up by Verne Harnish: http://amzn.to/2uazJqz Traction Get a grip on […]


28th July 2017

How do I know if my website is performing?

This week on UniquiTV – our weekly video blog answering your marketing questions we answer: How do I know if my website is performing? You can download the example user testing questions here. Transcript: Hi, I’m Laura Janes welcome to UniquiTV, every week we answer the questions you ask concerning Financial Services Marketing.  This week the question came offline […]


21st July 2017

How to create more blog and content ideas

Post-its at the ready – this week on UniquiTV we share our favourite method for creating new blog and content ideas: Transcript: Hi, I am Laura Janes. Welcome to UniquiTv. Every week we answer your questions on Financial Services Brands & Marketing. And this week we have a question from Marlene Outrim, “How can I come […]


14th July 2017

How do You Create Customer Personas?

This week we explore the best way of creating customer personas. You can download the empathy map template here. Transcript: Hi, Welcome to UniquiTV. I am Laura Janes. Every week we answer your questions on Financial Services Brands and Marketing. Today we answer a question from Jason Butler he asked: “How do I devise customer […]