4th July 2017

Is 70% of the sales decision really made before a face-to-face meeting?

Vic Reeves famously said 88.2% of statistics are made up on the spot. As one-liners go, it’s a good one, but it also points to a serious issue with the deluge of online information. There are countless blogs and articles full of facts and figures, particularly about sales, but it’s not always easy to pin […]


30th June 2017

The best Financial Services adverts of all time

Since September 1955, when the benefits of Gibbs SR toothpaste were first beamed into the UK’s living rooms, TV advertising has become a feature of everyday life. More than 60 years on, we’ve seen many different approaches to marketing financial services on the box, whether it’s banking, insurance, credit cards or planning for the future. […]


28th March 2017

The power of colour in marketing

If you’re re-branding your company, or creating a brand for the first time, you’re sure to be thinking about the company name or the design of your logo. But are you also considering the importance of colour? Studies into the psychology of colour suggest that your colour choice could be crucial, having a marked impact […]


15th March 2017

Change your marketing with the power of purpose

Like all great thinkers and inspirational leaders, Simon Sinek was perhaps a bit ahead of his time. The marketing theories he shared back in 2009 are just gathering momentum now, and in many circles, being heralded as the way forward. At that time, he delivered what is now seen as a game-changing TED talk, ‘How […]


15th February 2017

Why Uniquity, Why Now.

I’m absolutely thrilled to be officially launching Uniquity – a marketing agency for ambitious financial services firms.